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Neo-Hydro Multi-Purpose Drainage Catheter

The Neo-Hydro multi-purpose drainage catheter is ideal for drainage of ascites, pleural effusion, nephrostomy and abscess formation.

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    Facilitating efficient flow rates, with reduced risk of blockage and catheter kinking, Neo-Hydro provides a reliable drainage solution for a range of clinical scenarios.

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    • Provides smooth, controlled advancement through anatomical structures

    • Improved flow rates & reliable catheter patency which may result in shorter hospital stays

    • Reliable drainage of various fluid types from serous to more viscous accumulations such as pus

    • Enhanced patient comfort

    • Suitable for Seldinger (OTW) & direct puncture placement techniques

    • Locking & non-locking options available

    • Precise ultrasound or fluoroscopic visualisation

    "Minimised discomfort during drainage."

    Product Features
    Neo-Hydro Multi-Purpose Catheter
    • Sharp integrated stylet and tapered catheter tip reduces risk of accordion effect and tenting of the skin during insertion
    • Anti-leak hub design on locking catheter
    • Catheter size clearly visible on hub
    • Splittable pigtail straightener enables proximal removal

    Enhanced echogenic surface on cannula provides accurate US guided placement.

    “Current literature favours ultrasound guided paracentesis over the traditional blind technique with a significant reduction in both the rate of unsuccessful aspiration of fluid and in the bleeding complications related to this procedure”1

    The ability to place a needle and catheter within the ‘safety zone’ in an ascites drainage procedure can be complicated by the presence of gut sliding. Neo-hydro is designed to be clearly seen during ultrasound guided procedures. A very short distance between the tip of the stylet and catheter helps to reduce the risk of complications even further.

    Image: Ultrasound of the abdomen showing a large volume of ascites surrounding the liver.

    1. Ennis, J.,et al. (2014) Ultrasound for Detection of Ascites and for Guidance of the Paracentesis Procedure: Technique and Review of the Literature. International Journal of Clinical Medicine, 5, 1277-1293.
    Large drainage holes
    Faster flow rates
    Sharp short integrated stylet 
    Optimal ID:OD lumen ratio


    Neo-Hydro Brochure

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    If you would like further assistance with using the Neo-Hydro multi-purpose drainage catheter, or need advice on how to order, please call us on: 0114 268 8880