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Drain-Guard is an anchoring device for percutaneous drainage catheters that are protruding from the patient’s skin.

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    • Reduces risk of accidental displacement of catheter
    • Safe anchoring and protection of catheter
    • Prevents contamination of puncture site from environment 
    • Allows inspection of puncture site
    • Reduces catheter movement 
    • Can prevent kinking of catheter

    "Prevents contamination of puncture site from environment."

    Product features:

    • A. Smooth non-woven cover with good adhesion for secure fixation of catheter

    • B. PE-foam support

    • C. Thin, comfortable hydrocolloid carrier
    • A. Perforated cover for easy replacement of anchoring device

    • B. Transparent hydrocolloid cover allows monitoring of puncture site

    Safe anchoring of catheters

    • Anchoring device for percutaneous drainage catheters that are protruding from the patient’s skin in an angle approximately perpendicular to the patient’s skin surface
    • The device consists of a skin-side surface with a skin friendly adhesive combined with a specially designed foam block that safely anchors catheters from 5 to 16 French
    • Design prevents catheter movement and migration which can enlarge and potentially cause leakage at the exit site
    • Soft foam support block can prevent kinking of the catheter
    • Transparent hydrocolloid cover allows continuous monitoring of the puncture site and provides efficient protection against contamination

    Patient Comfort

    • Soft and pliable adhesive carrier offering substantially improved comfort to the patient and reduced need for suturing
    • Hydrocolloid has been carefully tested for skin irritation, thus minimising the risk of allergic reaction even when a number of Drain-Guard devices are used consecutively on the same site
    • Device design enables greater freedom of movement for the patient  

    Ease of Use

    The Drain-Guard catheter anchoring device is easy to apply to the patient’s skin and changing of the device may even be carried out by a family member




    of puncture site

    Reduced catheter


    PE foam support prevents

    catheter kinking


    Drain-Guard Brochure Sheet

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