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Neo-Sof & Neo-Hydro Nephrostomy Drainage

Our dedicated Neo-Sof & Neo-Hydro nephrostomy drainage catheters feature the class leading benefits of our multi-purpose drainage catheter, whilst incorporating a soft, plastic stiffening cannula to provide atraumatic support during OTW catheter advancement.

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    It’s about reliable access & indwelling patency...

    Designed to combine procedural flexibility with optimal visualisation and resistance to encrustation, our dedicated nephrostomy catheters provide peace of mind for short & long term drainage and reliable catheter removal/exchange when the time comes.

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    • Atraumatic Seldinger (OTW) catheter insertion
    • Predictable catheter transit through the renal cortex 
    • Easy passage through subcutaneous tissue
    • Enhanced long term patency 
    • Resistant to catheter encrustation
    • Easy catheter removal & exchange 
    • Reduced leakage & dressing saturation

    "Minimised discomfort during drainage."

    Product Features
    Neo-Sof & Neo-Hydro nephrostomy drainage catheters

    Tapered Tip

    • Flexible stiffening canula provides atraumatic ‘pushability’ through the renal cortex

    • Optional sharp integrated stylet and tapered catheter tip helps with smooth insertion and minimises ‘tenting’ during advancement during insertion

    Locking Hub

    • Anti-leak locking hub design prevents ‘wicking’ of fluid through hub

    Plinth Tip

    • Minimises accordion effect & provides catheter stability during advancement through fibrous tissues

    Neo-Sof “W-MN”

    • Mini pigtail
    • Designed to minimise irritation to the renal pelvis

    Neo-Hydro “FSC”

    • Standard pigtail
    Resists encrustation
    Minimised accordion
    Flexible stiffening cannula
    Optimal visualisation


    Nephrostomy Drainage Brochure
    Neo-Hydro & Neo-Sof Removal IFU

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    If you would like further assistance with using the Neo-Hydro multi-purpose drainage catheter, or need advice on how to order, please call us on: 0114 268 8880