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We understand the need for a joined up approach when discharging patients from hospital into the community with our products. We know the headaches and anxiety it can cause when supplies are difficult to obtain, or there is a disconnect between acute and community care.

We also understand how busy every one is. Our In HomeTM model is there to help to fill the gaps and provide a service which you and your patients can rely on. Whether you need training on how to use the products, access to educational resources or need supplies in a hurry we will be on hand to help in any way we can.

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Aspira IPC

What is Aspira?

The Aspira Drainage System is an indwelling catheter (IPC) for management of recurrent symptoms associated with fluid accumulation in the chest or abdomen. The system is designed to allow patients to manage drainage at home and avoid repeat hospitalisations.

Why It’s Interventional In Home?

We launched the first IPC product in the UK market and designed and developed a service architecture to ensure that ‘no patient was left behind’. More than a decade on and we have a new product in our portfolio, the next generation of IPC, designed with the patient in mind. Our company has evolved but our ethos and values have remained at our core.

What can you expect from our In Home™ service?

Our service is designed to connect the dots between secondary and primary care. We aim to ensure that the patient experience is as seamless as possible. We work directly with hospital and community nursing teams to ensure continuity of supply and adequate training and resources are provided. Our aim is to be as flexible as possible and to align with your processes as much as we can. Here’s what you can expect from us…


  • With over 10 years of experience in the IPC market, we understand the required level of service to ensure continuity of care. We share your concerns around patient experience, and we will do what needs to be done to ensure the process runs smoothly. We think and act with the patient in mind
  • We have a team of dedicated, compassionate and knowledgeable people to support you – you will get to know them by name, and they will guide you through the process
  • Why not see what the team has to say about our service….


  • We aim to be best in class with the service we deliver across our product ranges, but we are especially passionate about In Home TM
  • We will fill the gaps….as a small team, internally, we have a mantra, if there’s a gap…fill it. Whether this means getting supplies to you at short notice, or helping you with a product related enquiry, we will be there to help
  • We understand that ways of working can differ. We aim to be flexible in our approach, more personalised, tailored to you


  • We aim to deliver product training to suit your needs. We understand the world has changed and interactions can be multi-modality, we are geared up to delivery of product support face to face or virtually, whatever suits you. Our team can guide you on what might be the best approach for you
  • We provide community training for teams involved in patient care at home
  • Refresher training sessions can also be organised if you feel you need them
  • We will provide additional resources which can help with ongoing education

Patient Centred

  • Our aim is to follow each patient journey from implant to home
  • Our resources are designed to be patient friendly in look and feel
  • We are very conscious of our impact on the environment and have opted for recycled materials where we can and anti-bacterial resources where necessary
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Aspira siphon drainage bag IFU

Nephrostomy - Coming Soon

Coming Soon!

Check back soon to find our more about our In HomeTM Nephrostomy service. Contact us for more information and to join out mailing list to hear of new product updates first.
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