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Aspira® Drainage System

The Aspira® Drainage System is a compassionate home treatment option for patients with recurrent and symptomatic pleural effusions and malignant ascites. 

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    It’s by design...

    Aspira® offers the convenient choice of siphon bags or bottles and is designed to improve patient quality of life by allowing a degree of control over symptom management & minimising frequent hospitalisation.

    Aspira® has been designed with the patient in mind.

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    • Minimised discomfort during drainage
    • Simple easy to use design
    • Eliminates accidental discharge of vacuum
    • Faster overall drainage procedure
    • Convenient for patients well enough to travel
    • Choice of vacuum bottle or siphon drainage bag
    • Dedicated patient discharge service

    "Minimised discomfort during drainage."

    Catheter Design:

    Easy occlusion management: 

    A replaceable valve allows for catheter repair, rather than catheter exchange.

    Catheter Options:

    The Aspira® Drainage Catheter is 72cm long. The catheter has a space of either 11cm or 15cm between the catheter cuff & proximal fenestration for tunnel track length flexibility.

    Flow rates

    Simulated testing shows the Aspira® siphon drainage bag:

    • Has a 68% higher average flow rate than the PleurX Drainage system.1 2
    • Demonstrates consistent pressure & flow rate, unlike the PleurX Drainage System, which has a high initial vacuum that drops quickly.2

    Simulated average flow rate comparison1

    • Aspira® siphon drainage bag - 7.46 ml/sec
    • PleurX drainage system: 4.45 ml/sec

    Siphon Drainage Bag:

    Faster drainage

    • Increased flow rate, shortens drainage procedure

    Simple to use

    • A gravity based design produces consistent pressure flow for minimised discomfort.
    • A simple and easy-to-use design makes it an excellent choice for caregivers and patients.

    Storage space:

    Twenty Aspira® siphon drainage bags and dressings require approximately the same amount of space as one box of four PleurX Bottles and dressings, reducing storage space & waste.

    Vacuum bottle

    The Aspira® Drainage Bottle was designed to be easier to use than competing home drainage bottles. An alternative to drainage bags, the Aspira® Drainage Bottle has a number of innovative features that give patients control of their drainage, making it another effective solution for at-home care.

    Drainage bottle product features:

    Drainage control

    • Stop & restart drainage before the bottle is full.
    • Roller clamp allows the patient to control the speed of drainage.

    Ease of use

    • Stop & restart drainage before the bottle is full.
    • Roller clamp allows the patient to control the speed of drainage.
    • Easy fluid removal

    Simple design

    • A simple and intuitive design provides unmatched ease of use
    higher flow rate
    larger valve lumen
    more fenestrations
    reduction in required storage for siphon drainage bags


    Aspira Brochure
    Aspira Siphon Drainage Bag IFU
    Aspira IFU Antegrade - Peritoneal
    Aspira IFU Antegrade - Pleural
    Aspira IFU Retrograde - Peritoneal
    Aspira IFU Retrograde - Pleural

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    If you would like further assistance with using our Aspira® Drainage System, or need advice on how to order, please call us on: 0114 268 8880