We are It’s Interventional

We supply a range of interventional medical devices to the NHS and the private healthcare sector. We select proven, clinically effective devices that are not only cost effective, but also improve patient outcomes.

We are a small passionate team based in Sheffield and we love what we do!

We are a people business and everything we do is driven by our mission to make a difference, everyday. We are crystal clear in our vision to improve the patient’s healthcare experience. It’s what drives us to challenge boundaries, take an holistic approach to product selection and make a tangible difference to the patient.

We are patient centred people!


We are crystal clear in our vision to improve the patient’s healthcare experience.

It’s what drives us to challenge boundaries, take an holistic approach to product selection and make a tangible difference to the patient.


We deliver nothing less than industry-leading levels of customer service.

We are a people business. We believe in life-long learning, teamwork, mutual respect and a deep-rooted belief in what we do.


We are underpinned by clinical excellence & ethics.

Our knowledge is deep & each of our products tells its own story of efficacy, cost effectiveness and sustainability.

Our Story

A whistle stop tour of our highs (and lows).

Did you know that our business was founded in the '80s or that we have a penchant for fancy dress? We are pretty proud of our history, it's what makes us who we are. Got a few spare minutes? Why not click below to find out more about our journey.

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Working here

We might be small but we have great ambitions. We believe that being successful is about making a difference every day. We believe in lifelong learning, team work and mutual respect. We are patient centred people and we love what we do.

Our people are what makes It’s Interventional great, without the right people we wouldn’t be where we are today. It’s Interventional people are passionate, driven and collaborative. We like to see people thrive in a happy and collaborative environment.

Think you might be an It’s Interventional person? To find out more about working here see below.

We will have our team on here soon but until then meet...

About us

Tess, Office Pooch

I like squeaky balls, carrots and chasing my tail.
Responsible for team therapy, wellbeing and smile creation.


Our Manifesto is a big part of what makes us who we are. We wrote it to remind ourselves to do things in the right way, it’s what keeps us grounded and real. We use it in recruitment, training, reviews and to guide our decision making. It’s what makes us who we are

Wear the patient’s shoes at all times

This is a biggie, it’s what makes us who we are.
Always put the patient front and centre. Always.

Demonstrate empathy.
Put yourself in their shoes.
Carefully select your language and approach.
If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

Show mutual 

Treat others how you would expect to be treated – colleagues, customers, patients.
Keep promises and stick to commitments.
Think and behave ethically.

Make a difference
every day

Make things happen – don’t wait to be asked.
Don’t be a blocker.
Be flexible and open to change.
Own your part towards our collective success.
Make each day count, go home feeling like you’ve done a great job.

Inch wide,
mile deep

Cover all the bases.
Keep people in the loop - if you think they need to know, they probably do.
Be thorough, be effective.

Challenge the boundaries

If you think there’s a better way, suggest it, own it.
Provide a rationale, don’t just be a naysayer.
Speak up; openly, honestly, respectfully.


Keep your ears open, let others have their say.
Be present.

Be passionate

Be yourself, the best version of it.
Find joy in what you do, be proud.
Go the extra mile.
Show willing.


Don’t settle – if you think it’s not good enough, try again.
Don’t give up – find a way to make it happen.

Have fun!

We know it’s work, but we don’t want it to feel like it! Laugh, play, love where you work!

Ask why

Understand everything you can.
Ask questions, be inquisitive.

Build relationships

With colleagues, customers, wherever you can.
Be an ambassador.

Do nothing without the clinical story

Be knowledgeable - know more than you need to.
Consult and advise.
Stick to the facts, make evidence-based decisions.

Be kind

Look after yourself and others.
Say thanks and well done, celebrate success along the way.
Make time to help others, to develop, to learn, to grow – remember we all need help sometimes.

Our Ethos

Here at It’s Interventional we are big fans of our planet and want to do everything we can to look after it. We are proud to be ISO14001 accredited which means that our environmental activities are audited and our objectives help to keep us on track.


Contact us

Enough about us, let’s talk about you.

We want to make sure you get the best out of the devices we supply. Please contact our team and they will point you in the direction of the best person to help you.

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