The Story so far…

A whistle stop tour of our highs (and lows)

1980 something...
Where it all began

We didn’t quite start in a garage, but not far off!

Lots of independent companies, a bunch of passionate people with the same ethos. Creative, successful, chaotic ?

Biopsy Achieved

We bring a new automatic biopsy device to market. Little did we know, from this little acorn an oak tree would grow

Time to bring the group together

UKM mark 1 is born.

The home of raggedy boys and girls

In 1996 we moved to our current building. Not your typical office but it’s our home ?.

We mesh together perfectly

We partner up with Ella. Handmade, design led products. Great people.

Our first badge.

ISO 9001 standard – check! Things are getting serious

We get a makeover

Time to get rid of the old look and move into the 21st century! We admit our old logo looks a little dated…The future was bright, the future was Magenta.

And the winner is(nt)

UK Medical proud to be a finalist in the Sheffield Business Awards (cue the obligatory camera close up on the UK Medical table when the winner is announced….not UKM (sigh))

UK Medical’s Got Talent (or not)!

Teams go head-to-head. The management team put on a show. The faces of disco! Don’t give up your day jobs ?

A hive of activity

Introducing BEE, Behaviour, Empathy and Engagement. We’d had our external makeover now it was time to polish up internally. Time to look at new ways of working and building our little team. We like to think it’s what’s on the inside that counts ?

A thin disguise

The start of what would become a string of fancy-dress events (in fact our attic resembles something close to Mr Ben’s Fancy Dress shop). The UKM team attends a ‘B’ themed fancy dress event the launch of BEE….see what we did there?

A game changer

We launch the world’s first and only biodegradable oesophageal stent in the UK, radically changing the treatment options for benign oesophageal strictures.

Three times a bridesmaid?

Sheffield Business Awards 2010. Getting used to being a runner up now…..Huge sigh.

Doing our bit

Our commitment to all things environmental is recognised as we gain ISO 14001 accreditation.

Nice one!

This is one we are super proud of! One of the first NICE single technology appraisals. Changes the paradigm for management of recurrent malignant ascites.

And the winner IS

At last, a winner in the Excellence in Skills category at Sheffield Business Awards. Big pat on the back for the UKM team – that’s reyt good!

Big fish eats little fish

A victim of our own success, UK Medical is acquired by CareFusion. The destination remains the same but the plane just got a little (a lot) bigger.

Jet setters

Carving out our little niche we get our international colours and become responsible for Interventional Specialties outside of the US. Lots of travel, China, Australia, Middle East to name a few. Interesting people, great food. We learn about healthcare the world over. Good experience.

Talking about the car wash…

Who knew that our team were such great car washers?  We raised money for Bluebell wood and Ian our MD even did the ice bucket challenge….for charity of course!

Huge fish eats medium sized fish!

CareFusion is acquired by Becton Dickinson. Very small cog, big machine.

UKM is back

Corporate life just didn’t suit us! Desperate to go our own way, we took the plunge and did a management buy-out. It’s not all plain sailing, we have to say goodbye to a few colleagues and leave behind our PleurX legacy.

BUT, Independent, fitter and ready to roll in all our magenta-tinged glory….UK Medical is back!

An elephant in the room

A true mascot for UKM. If you know, you know ?

If you have to ask, you’ll never know

In the true spirit of UKM we open our very own room of requirement a place for fun and socialising! Let the fun commence.

A bump (hole) in 
the road

A sinkhole appears right outside our Sheffield office. Far from having a sinking feeling, our newly liberated business starts to take off!

UKM turns one (again)

A year on and time for reflection. We are well and truly back ?

NHS 70

Showing the love for our NHS on its 70th Birthday we host a charity car wash in 40’s get up! South Yorkshire Police even paid us a visit ?

Fame at last!

Not one to blow our own trumpet but we were invited to be a representative of best practice in the Parliamentary review for the healthcare sector.

It fills a vacuum

We always wanted it. We never had it. We finally got it! We partner with the globally recognised Mammotome brand for their breast portfolio.

It’s a wide road that has no pavements

Robert Bardsley our friend and colleague. In from the beginning. A true legend. We miss him.

Giving something back

In honour of Rob, we form the Robert Bardsley fund to support the BSIR and Interventional Radiology.

From little seeds

We make a conscious decision to BEE different and to care for our environment. No more pens and post-its for us, bee bombs all the way.

A changing landscape

Adapting to a new regulatory landscape post Brexit we launch It’s Interventional Regulatory. A platform for our suppliers, a learning curve for us.

Goodbye, so long!

We say goodbye to Achieve after over 30 years. Definitely one of our lows! Still, nothing lasts forever. As some would say, SUMO.


Danis gets the NICE seal of approval. Our second technology appraisal, hard work, but definitely worth it. Not bad for an SME!

We’ve come full circle

Our old friends at Neurologic Europe join our team. Our interventional portfolio just got really exciting!

The time is now

Right product, right time. Aspira lands in our (siphon) bag! Let’s make sure we haven’t lost our bottle!

A real buzz about the place!

Super excited does not cover it! Our very own bees arrive. Doing our part for the environment and learning to become beekeepers in the process….now this is our idea of fun!

Does what it says on the tin!

A conscious decision. Evolution. More focussed, in tune with the new NHS, ready for the new world. Still the same on the inside a fresh new look on the outside.

It’s Interventional is launched.

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