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HV+ Oesophageal Stent

The fully covered Ella HV+ Oesophageal stent combines class leading migration rates and removability for enhanced procedure planning and is indicated for use in both benign & malignant stenosis.

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    Perfectly suited for both malignant and benign strictures, HV+ helps to minimise re-interventions providing clinician and patient pathway benefits. 

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    • Unique anti-migration design significantly reduces stent migration rates
    • ‘The Ella HV stent confers a statistically significant reduction in distal migration compared with stent types recorded in the national registry, reducing the need for re-intervention with associated risks and cost.’¹
    • Easy, atraumatic stent removal or repositioning
    • Highly resistant to corrosion related stent fracture
    • Increased patient safety and comfort
    • Reliable, long term stent patency
    • Precise fluoroscopic visualisation

    "Unique anti-migration design significantly reduces stent migration rates."

    Product Features
    HV+ Oesophageal Stent
    • Unique proximal ‘anti-migration’ collar

    • Polyethylene covered multi-leaf design conforms and provides secure placement

    • Optional anti-reflux valve

    • Balanced radial strength and conformity 

    • Flexible tapered tip

    • 22F delivery system


    HV+ Stent Brochure


    1. Mercer J, Najran P, Edwards DW, Borg P, Mullan D, Bell J K, Laasch H-U. (2017) Ella-HV anti-migration stent demonstrates superior performance for cancers of the Gastro-oesophageal junction. Brit Soc Interv Radiol: 2.11.2017, Birmingham

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