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Biodegradable Stent

The Biodegradable stent (BD) is a unique device designed to treat benign strictures in the mid & lower oesophagus and helps to facilitate long term stricture remodelling. BD helps to eliminate complications commonly associated with migration and re-intervention in benign disease.

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    It's about pathway remodelling...

    Indicated for peptic, caustic & anastomotic benign strictures in the mid and lower oesophagus, BD is designed to minimise the need for re-interventions and streamline the patient pathway. The BD Biodegradable Stent provides a cost effective, patient focussed alternative to high-frequency oesophageal dilatation.

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    • Improves patient quality of life
    • Minimises requirement for repeat hospital visits
    • Using the BD stent ‘would appear to offer patients with benign disease greater than 50% possibility of long-term symptom resolution’¹
    • Indicated for peptic, anastomotic and caustic strictures
    • Lower migration rates, when compared to plastic or metal stent placement for benign strictures²
    • Eliminates potential complications associated with SEMS migration when stenting for benign disease

    “Using the BD stent ‘would appear to offer patients with benign disease greater than 50% possibility of long-term symptom resolution’¹”

    Product Features
    Biodegradable (BD) Stent

    Figure 1: Chemical diagram

    Degradation process involves partial bioabsorbption of PDS material and natural passage through the digestive tract.

    Easy-to-use distal release pull-back delivery system with detachable splittable olive.

    Kit Contents:

    • Biodegradable stent with loading thread
    • Compression tool
    • Blue end cap
    • 28F delivery system
    1. McCain S et al., ‘The role of biodegradable stents in the management of benign and malignant oesophageal strictures: A cohort study’, The Surgeon (2015),
    2. Canena, J.M.T et al., ‘A comparison of the temporary placement of 3 different self-expanding stents for the treatment of refractory benign esophageal strictures: a prospective multicenter study (2012) BMC Gastroenterology (12:70)


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