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Vertebroplasty Solutions

The Osteo-site® vertebroplasty solutions range is designed to provide procedural flexibility and meet the demands posed by today’s vertebroplasty procedures.

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    It’s about procedural choice...

    With cements tailored to meet specific clinical scenarios and a wide range of vertebral bone access needles including the Murphy™ needle range designed in collaboration with Dr. Kieran Murphy, the Osteo-site® vertebroplasty solutions range provides you with a complete procedural solution.

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    • Choice of cement viscocities to meet differing clinical scenarios
    • High temperature cement designed specifically for exothermic ablation of spinal metastases and myeloma
    • Controlled injection technology
    • Easy, consistent cement mix
    • Minimised radiation exposure and fume inhalation
    • Ergonomic design

    "High temperature cement designed specifically for exothermic ablation of spinal metastases and myeloma
    Controlled injection technology."

    Bone Biopsy Needles product features:

    Bone Biopsy Needles product features:

    • Sharpened cutting cannula
    • Centimetre depth markers
    • Radiolucent handle provides unobstructed view during introduction into bone
    • Ergonomic handle design provides tactile feedback

    Murphy M1M™

    • Option of 30˚ side-beveled stylet for minor redirection of needle during introduction
    • Match ground stylet and cannula design

    • Coaxial option also available

    Murphy M2™

    • Option of sharpened diamond tip stylet provides optimum purchase

    Murphy M2-S™

    • Diamond tip coaxial bone biopsy system

    • Radiolucent needle holder (for use in vertebroplasty procedures)

    Injector & Mixer product features:

    • High quality, ergonomic injector
    • Easy connection of injection barrel
    • Each full rotation of injector handle delivers 0.2ml of cement
    • Semi-automatic cement mixing paddle system

    • Threaded plunger design

    • Closed system reduces exposure to cement fumes

    • Two  29cm connection tubes with rotating luer-lock adapters

    • Connecting tube cement volume 1.4ml

    Vertefix® Plus

    Low Viscosity

    Loaded with hydroxyapatite for biocompatibility. High radiopacity enables efficient visualisation.
    • Injection time: 12 minutes

    • Radiopacity: 35%

    • Max temperature: 59°C

    • Yield: 16cc of PMMA


    Medium Viscosity

    Medium viscosity enables a longer working time and facilitates easier multi-level procedures.
    • Injection time: 20 minutes
    • Radiopacity: 45%
    • Max temperature: 40° C
    • Yield: 16cc of PMMA


    Low Viscosity

    Exothermic bone cement, heat release exceeding 85°C when in contact with bone facilitates ablation of spinal metastases & myeloma.
    • Injection time: 10 minutes
    • Radiopacity: 50%     
    • Max temperature: 88°C
    • Yield: 16cc of PMMA



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    cement injection per rotation


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    Dual rotating

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