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MedOne Ultra

MedOne Ultra is a programmable automatic biopsy needle that optimises spring compression for fast and reliable tissue capture even in dense and calcified tissues.

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    It's about reliability...

    Designed with ergonomics and performance in mind, MedOne Ultra combines ease of use with reliable and repeatable sample capture.

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    • Maximum sample volume capture
    • Smooth penetration of fibrous and calcified tissues
    • Lightweight and compact design
    • Single-handed and controlled operation
    • Precision sampling capability
    • Suitable for a wide range of procedures
    • Ergonomically designed handle
    • Smooth charging

    "High spring velocity for tissue penetration and sampling capability."

    Product Features
    MedOne Ultra Automatic Biopsy Device

    Super-Sharp Bevel Tip


    MedOne Ultra Brochure
    MedOne Ultra IFU (Instructions for use)

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    If you would like further assistance with using the MedOne Ultra, or need advice on how to order, please call us on: 0114 268 8880