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Danis Stent

Acute oesophageal variceal bleeds continue to be some of the most difficult conditions to treat, with significant risks of exsanguination and patient mortality.

With conventional treatment originating in the 1930's and associated with high SAEs, the NICE approved Danis stent represents a step change in the management of refractory variceal bleeds.

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    It’s about patient

    The Ella Danis stent provides a fast, safe and effective treatment option for patients with refractory oesophageal variceal bleeds.

    Supported by NICE guidance and designed to tamponade oesophageal varices whilst maintaining normal dietary intake and minimising the need for high - dependency observation, Danis can stabilise your patient allowing time to plan future treatment options and improve patient outcomes.

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    • Improved patient quality of life compared to balloon tamponade
    • Provides a bridge to definitive treatment - T.I.P.S.S
    • Reduces potential resource-drain on high dependency units
    • Can be placed without imaging guidance in emergency situations
    • Significantly reduced complications and SAEs when compared to balloon tamponade in acute oesophageal varices 1

    “Improved patient quality of life compared to balloon tamponade.”

    1. Escorsell A, et al., ‘Esophageal Balloon Tamponade Versus Esophageal Stent in Controlling Acute Refractory Variceal Bleeding: A Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial’ (2016) Hepatology, (Vol 63, No.6)

    Product Features
    Danis Stent
    • Unique variable stent weave reduces risk of migration
    • Symmetrical  stent design includes a 2mm uncovered section that allows controlled tissue in-growth seal
    • Provides a tissue & anchored placement
    • Balloon style delivery system enables accurate positioning at the GOJ
    • Distal release pull-back stent deployment
    • Delivery system 28F / 20F, active length 60cm
    • Ella extractor assists with safe, atraumatic removal of the Danis stent
    Danis Stent

    Kit Contents:

    • Danis stent
    • 28F delivery system with pre-loaded stent
    • Balloon valve
    • 50ml syringe
    • 0.035 guidewire
    Danis Stent


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    If you would like further assistance with using the Danis Stent, or need advice on how to order, please call us on: 0114 268 8880