We’re delighted to announce we have just welcomed 2 beehives to our site as part of our ongoing efforts to support the environment, just in time for World Environment Day (5th June 2021). Protecting the environment is very important to us, so much so that we even have an ISO Accreditation (ISO: 14001: 2015) specifically aimed at reducing our overall impact on the environment. 

A big part of our company ethos revolves around our environmental standard to support the environment, with an emphasis on reducing our carbon footprint and safeguarding nature for future generations, which is where the bees come in.

“Bees are important to us at UK Medical, we often talk about our office being a ‘hive of activity’ and bees actually feature on our internal communications, so we’ve taken that one step further by getting our own beehives. We’re really excited to have our own bees, we’ve placed 2 hives and when they are full, they will house approximately 140,000 bees!”
Leanda Smith, Quality Manager at UK Medical commented.

The bees were placed by Sheffield based company ‘More Bees Please’, who had been preparing the bees for a few months, ready to move them to their new home here at UK Medical.

“We’re thrilled to have the bees here; we’ve been working towards this for quite a while so it’s great to finally welcome them to their new home. We had a great day getting them settled in and learning all about them. The sad fact is that bees are endangered, so we hope that by providing a home for 2 hives we’re going to make a difference and of course, we’re looking forward to having our own honey!”
Ian Aaron, MD at UK Medical

As part of our preparation for getting the hives, we have planted wildflowers around our site too to make sure the bees have easy access to some food, and we hope to install a living wall close by soon too. Installing the beehives forms just part of our environmental objectives for the year, with plenty more to come, including reducing our carbon footprint, using 100% environmentally friendly packaging and distributing Beebombs to encourage the planting of more wildflowers.

Find out more about our ISO Accreditations here.

Watch the video below of the day we welcomed
our bees to their new hives...


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