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Super Q™ Aspiration System

The Super Q™ Aspiration System delivers unparalleled aspiration strength and thrombus grip interface, by optimising the device’s luminal radius and unique design. 

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    It’s about negative pressure & positive outcomes...

    The Q™ catheter's clever design reduces internal volume during distal movement, thus progressively increasing the negative pressure differential as the thrombus is withdrawn.

    With a range of sizes that allow aspiration of a wide range of vessels and excellent catheter behaviour through tortuous anatomy, Q™ provides a solution for every scenario.  

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    • Unique design interfaces with standard guide catheter to provide unmatched suction
    • Negative pressure increases during thrombus retraction
    • Suitable for aspiration of tortuous distal vessels
    • Class leading negative pressure aspiration
    • Q4 provides equivalent negative pressure to that of the leading 6Fr catheter
    • Minimises ‘showering’ of thrombus material during extraction
    • Easy navigation of even the most tortuous vessels

    “Unique design interfaces with standard guide catheter to provide unmatched suction.”

    MIVI Q Aspiration Catheter

    • Unique design features a flexible catheter section mounted on a control wire resulting in a greater overall system radius
    • Multi-transitional polymer with braid/coil construction results in a supple, durable catheter to meet the anatomic challenges of the neurovasculature
    • Large clot face diameter across all sizes

    Control Wire 0.020", 104 cm

    • 0.020" control wire maximises the available flow area within the Super 90 Guide Catheter

    MIVI Super 90 8F Guide Catheter

    • Large 0.090" ID accommodates any delivery need

    • Multi-transitional polymer shaft utilising braided technology optimises flexibility & deliverability

    Flare-fit Design

    • Proximal catheter OD of 0.088" ensures optimal interaction with the Super 90 Guide Catheter

    • Creates a single continuous system that takes full advantage of the large 0.090" guide lumen

    "Turbo Charge" your pullback flow rate during retraction2

    Up to 140% More Aspiration Power Flow Rate1

    1. Data on file MIVI Neuroscience, Inc. Catheters represented in graph include ACE™68, 5MAX, 4MAX and 3MAX (Penumbra Inc.).
    2. Data on file MIVI Neuroscience, Inc. ACE™68 is a registered trademark of Penumbra Inc.


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