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Neoprobe Gamma Detection System

The Neoprobe Gamma Detection System delivers accurate guidance with a high level of adjustable sensitivity providing you with control and confidence.

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    It’s about making your Gamma Detection count...

    With remote functionality from within the sterile field, intrinsic calibration and efficient use of Bluetooth technology, Neoprobe provides you with procedural flexibility, control and choice. Neoprobe is the complete package for your gamma detection procedures.

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    • Highly accurate localisation of target tissue
    • Highest sensitivity for even the most challenging cases1
    • Easy to use, ‘plug and play’ set up
    • Minimises surrounding tissue damage
    • Minimal incision
    • Shortens procedure times
    • No calibration or preventative maintenance required
    • Comprehensive training & support package

    “No calibration or preventative maintenance required.”

    1 per Augsburg Gamma Probe Study, 2006 (H. Wengenmair et Al.)

    Product Features:

    Product Features:

    • Detects any of 6 isotopes, can be configured to detect localised or systemic injections, and can detect and filter I-125 and Tc-99 simultaneously
    • High contrast, large, easy-to-read screen
    • Backwards compatible with older cabled probes
    • Selectable dynamic or binary audible pitch
    • Sensitivity range 100-50,000 counts per second
    • Background count
    • 10 second and quick target count
    • Low battery indicator

    Range of probes:

    • Easy set up
    • Calibration not required
    • Ergonomic design
    • Increased sensitivity; approximately 50% more sensitive than corded probe
    • Stable Bluetooth connectivity up to ten metres
    • One touch remote count functionality within the sterile field

    14mm wireless probes:

    Neoprobe Bluetooth probes deliver outstanding directionality and sensitivity, ensuring highly accurate localisation of targeted tissue during gamma detection procedures.

    • External collimator available separately
    • Stable crystal detectors provide maximum sensitivity for the lifetime of your probe 
    • 50% more sensitivity than 14mm corded probe
    • Dual isotope mode for simultaneous scanning of 99 Tc and 125I
    • Available in angled or straight tip (14mm)

    9mm wireless probes:

    Designed for procedures where incision size is critical to cosmetic outcomes such as parathyroid and some melanoma procedures.  The lightweight probe is internally collimated for ease of use in head and neck procedures. The 9mm probe has a 35.7% smaller head diameter than the 14mm probe. 

    • Wireless Bluetooth technology
    • Internally collimated

    High energy F-18 probe:

    • Capable of detecting high-energy photons typically emitted from PET positive lesions 
    • Detects Fluorine-18, called 18F-FDG, and other high-energy radionuclides
    • Includes an option to use binary pitch in FDG isotope procedures
    • Sophisticated shielding enhances 511 KeV directionality
    • Specific F-18 window built into the
      control console

    11mm Bluetooth laparoscopic probe:

    • Orthoganol (90°) field of view for better accessibility to targetted lesions
    • Ergonomic design for a wide range of uses


    • Limits forward-looking field of view to 50°

    • Optimises spatial discrimination

    • Compatible with all 14mm probes

    • Reduces counts per second due to increased distance from source and decreased field of view


    The Neoprobe GDS console can be tailored to the specific clinical needs of each procedure. It can detect any of six isotopes, can be configured to detect localised or systemic injections, and can detect and filter I-125 and Tc-99 simultaneously.


    The Neoprobe GDS is the only gamma system in the US to provide surgeons with remote functionality from within the sterile field. Target counts and 10-second counts can both be performed remotely from any of our four Bluetooth probes, keeping control in the hands of the surgeon.


    The Neoprobe GDS system offers six probes. From an internally collimated 9mm small incision probe & a Laparoscopic probe for trocar use, to standard 14mm straight & angled probes & a high energy PET probe, Neoprobe GDS can fully support all intraoperative gamma needs.


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    If you would like further assistance with using our Neoprobe Gamma Detection System, or need advice on how to order, please call us on: 0114 268 8880