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Mammotome elite

The Mammotome elite is a handheld tetherless vacuum biopsy device designed to provide improved diagnostic accuracy in complex ultrasound guided breast biopsies.

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    It’s about giving you confidence in complex ultrasound cases...

    TruVac technology is designed to provide you with diagnostic quality tissue that you have come to expect from vacuum biopsy devices, but without the tubing and long set up times.

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    • Vacuum assisted tissue quality with the simplicity and manoeuvrability of core needle technique
    • Single insertion, multiple samples
    • Smooth penetration of breast tissue without the need to fire
    • Simple marker placement
    • Touch free tissue transport from patient to pathology
    • Ideal for complex ultrasound cases such as complex cysts, small indeterminate lesions, ultrasound visible microcalcifications*

    Smooth penetration of breast tissue without the need to fire.

    *Please see separate Mammotome elite case study sheet for examples of the above scenarios.

    Product features:

    Product features:

    • Bladed tip
    • Removable cannula
    • Aperture rotation dial
    • Select Grip
    • TruVac
    • Tetherless design
    • Collection system, including sample cup and basket


    TruVac: elite utilises a motor built within the holster to create vacuum suction to assist with obtaining diagnostic quality tissue samples.

    The Mammotome elite is ideal for:

    • Complex cysts
    • Small suspicious lesions
    • Ultrasound visible microcalcification
    • Chest wall lesions

    Charging elite

    • The elite features a rechargeable battery, that can be quickly recharged between uses.

    • Compact design charging base unit

    Sample quality

    Probe Aperture:

    • 28° angled aperture

    • Scissor-like cutting action

    • Clean, non fragmented cores, maintaining tissue architecture

    Bladed tip:

    • Ultra-sharp scalpel bladed tip
    • Arrowhead shape provides low profile cutting edge for ease of insertion
    • Low penetration force required
    • Needle surface and tip design provides enhanced ultrasound visibility
    • Bladed tip under ultrasound


    • Removable integrated cannula

    • Compatible with any direct puncture HydroMARK or CorMARK markers

    Aperture rotation dial:

    • 360° needle rotation allows you to adjust the orientation of the aperture based on the position and approach you wish to take
    • Non-slip grip
    • Reference numbers on 10G dial

    Select grip:

    • 3 biopsy buttons provide multiple options for initiating biopsy

    • Designed to allow for a comfortable grip

    Collection system:

    • Sample cup design collects multiple samples

    • Single insertion, multiple samples

    • Clear cup design provides visual confirmation of samples collected

    • Touchless transport

    • Quick release sample basket

    Radiolucent sample basket

    It’s about case selection:

    Helps provide you with additional confidence in cases such as:

    • Complex cysts
    • Small suspicious lesions
    • Ultrasound visible microcalcification

    These can often be difficult to accurately repeat sample with core needle biopsies, and where full vacuum systems are too bulky, time consuming and expensive.


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    If you would like further assistance with using Mammotome elite, or need advice on how to order, please call us on: 0114 268 8880