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The DERIVO® 2 is a braided nitinol flow diverter with a platinum core. The stent design provides enhanced visibility to aid accurate placement and improve outcomes.

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    It’s about reliability,
    conformability & visibility…

    DERIVO® 2 adds reliable proximal expansion to predictable & accurate deployment, resulting in excellent vessel wall apposition. This coupled with market leading visibility means DERIVO® 2 provides a degree of confidence and assurance during complex procedures in tortuous anatomy.

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    • Suitable for deployment in a wide range of vessel diameters up to 8mm
    • Highly conformable with optimally balanced radial expansion
    • High degree of biocompatibility promotes faster endothelialisation
    • Minimised risk of thrombus related ischaemic events
    • 3D sizing support with Ankyras software
    • High visibility under fluoroscopically guided procedures
    • Repositional up to 90% deployed

    “Highly conformable with optimally balanced radial expansion”

    Product Features

    The smooth surface favours excellent opening behaviour.

    Broad portfolio:

    The DERIVO® 2 Embolisation Device is available in a broad portfolio, enabling the treatment of vessel diameters from 1.5 – 8.0 mm with 0.0165’’ – 0.039’’ ID (micro) catheters. With device lengths from 10 – 50 mm (depending on device diameter) and different transport wire configurations the DERIVO® 2 is suitable for most anatomical situations.

    Perfect visibility:

    The DERIVO® 2 Embolisation Device is a pioneer in X-ray visibility. Nitinol composite wires with high density platinum core ensure excellent visualisation of the device contour and shape, giving permanent control of stent position and opening behaviour.

    Highest adaptability:

    The DERIVO® 2 Embolisation Device features outstanding flexibility combined with a well-balanced radial force leading to extraordinary adaptability even in challenging anatomies.


    Acandis® offers unique sizing support in preparation for cases with the DERIVO® 2 flow diverter. With the Acandis’ 3D sizing simulation based on the Ankyras software, we assist physicians in choosing the optimal device dimension prior to treatment.
    The DERIVO® 2 flow diverter is repositionable up to 90% of its length for precise and secure device placement.
    BlueXide® surface optimises


    Class leading


    3D Software modelling for


    and predictability




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