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CytoCore is the world's first motorised, rotating soft tissue biopsy system.

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    It’s about
    revolutionising FNA...

    CytoCore houses a system of internal, button operated gears designed to rotate a FNA needle in a clockwise-counter-clockwise motion.

    With its ergonomic, single handed operation CytoCore aims to reduce non-diagnostic rates via a dramatically improved cellular yield.

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    Product Features
    CytoCore FNA Needle


    • Increased cellular yield versus traditional FNA (fine needle aspiration) technique
    • Aims to reduce non-diagnostic rate vs. traditional FNA technique
    • Reduced sampling time with fewer passes
    • Reliable, repeatable cell yield with ability to collect micro-cores
    • Compatible with a range of needle gauges and lengths
    • 5ml syringe with adjustable suction

    “Reduced sampling time with fewer passes.”

    Automated clockwise-counter-clockwise rotation increases cell yield.

    A. Suction pre-set: 1.5cc (Recommended)

    B. Suction pre-set: 1cc

    C. Suction pre-set: 0cc

    5ml syringe with adjustable suction.

    Standard FNA


    A side by side cytological comparison of a single biopsy pass using a 25g needle.
    Thyroid micro-cores in cell block.
    For any soft tissue:



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    If you would like further assistance with using CytoCore, or need advice on how to order, please call us on: 0114 268 8880