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APERIO® Hybrid17/21

The APERIO® Hybrid17/21 thrombectomy device represents the further development of our established APERIO® Hybrid device for mechanical thrombectomy of ischaemic stroke.

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    It’s about optimal clot interface...

    Next generation of the reliable and safe APERIO® Hybrid Thrombectomy Device dedicated to further improve fast and efficient flow restoration – even for distal thrombectomy.

    A variety of sizes to allow safe, efficient navigation to the target vessel for removal of thrombus.

    "Treatment of occlusions in distal branches of eloquent brain areas such as the ACA territory is a promising extension of mechanical thrombectomy. The APERIO® Hybrid17 enables safe treatment of small vessels down to a diameter of 1 mm and its 2.5 mm version easily navigates through a 0.0165” ID microcatheter."

    Dr. Hannes Nordmeyer, radprax at St. Lukas Hospital, Solingen, Germany


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    • Range of sizes available for vessel diameters from 1mm to 5.5mm
    • Improved portfolio
    • Compatible with 0.0165" – 0.021" ID microcatheters
    • Visible throughout the entire length
    • Hybrid cell design aids vessel wall apposition and expansion into the clot

    "Hybrid cell design aids vessel wall apposition and expansion into the clot."

    Product Features


    • The APERIO® Hybrid17 Thrombectomy Device is improved for distal thrombectomy and treatment of vessel diameters from 1mm to 4mm with 0.0165‘‘ ID microcatheters.
    • The APERIO® Hybrid21 Thrombectomy Device is the portfolio unification enabling the treatment of vessel diameters from 2 – 5.5mm with 0.021‘‘ ID microcatheters.


    • Proven and effective hybrid cell design: Smaller closed cells ensure perfect vessel wall apposition and expansion into the clot.
    • Larger clot catching cells assure good integration of the thrombus.
    • Integrated anchoring elements (except for device with Ø 2,5 mm) offer additional support for efficient clot retention enabling confident and atraumatic retrieval even in challenging anatomies.


    • The sleek electro-polished surface in combination with smooth atraumatic design elements enable a gentle and safe retrieval.
    • The full length visibility of the device leads to maximum control and assurance during procedure.
    • Hybrid-cell design without integrated anchoring element (all sizes with 2.5mm diameter)

    • Hybrid-cell design with anchoring element (all sizes with 3.5 & 4.5mm diameter)

    Outstanding visibility for maximum control and assurance

    • Three distal platinum iridium device markers for permanent control of positions & opening behaviour
    • Two radiopaque nitinol composite wires featuring full length visibility for precise alignment & additional control
    • Two proximal platinum iridium device markers for precise positioning within the thrombus
    Pre treatment M1, A2-A3 and A4 occlusion
    Treatment with APERIO® Hybrid17 2.5 x 16mm (A2-A3 and A4 occlusion)
    Post treatment final result  (first pass, TICI 3)

    Vessel diameters from

    0.0165" - 0.021"

    Microcatheter compatibility

    Hybrid cell design
    Fast and efficient



    APERIO Hybrid 17/21 Brochure

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    If you would like further assistance with using the APERIO® Hybrid17/21, or need advice on how to order, please call us on: 0114 268 8880