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ACCLINO® flex plus

A self-expanding, laser-cut nitinol stent for intracranial aneurysms (neck bridging for stent assisted coiling).

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    It’s about stent assisted coiling...

    ACCLINO® flex plus is a highly flexible laser cut self-expanding stent, designed for assisted coiling of difficult to treat wide neck cerebral aneurysms. ACCLINO® flex plus incorporates a large cell structure and is particularly suited for utilisation of the ‘coil-thru’ procedural technique.

    With predictable deployment, minimal shortening and excellent vessel wall apposition, ACCLINO® flex plus provides a reliable solution for secure placement of your embolisation coils.

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    • Highly visible for accurate placement
    • Optimised asymmetric cell design ensures the highest flexibility in its class
    • Excellent vessel wall apposition and exceptional conformability even in tortuous vessel anatomies
    • Resheathability up to 90 % of its length
    • HRF versions suitable for intracranial stenosis & bail out procedures
    • Reduced thrombogenicity
    • Easy grip transport wire
    • Compatible with 0.0165‘‘ – 0.027‘‘ ID microcatheters

    "Excellent vessel wall apposition and exceptional conformability even in tortuous vessel anatomies."

    • Unique flexibility with excellent wall apposition and exceptional conformability
    • Enhanced expansion behaviour due to balanced radial force & adaptive cell geometry
    • Repositionable Proximal transport wire
    • High Radial Force (HRF) options available, suitable for treatment of intracranial stenosis and bail out procedures 
    • New X-ray marker
    • Three flat platinum-iridium X-ray markers on each end and the two golden transport wire markers support a safe and precise placement under fluroscopy

    Improved visibility

    SEM Image of surface

    Low profile Platinum-iridium markers


    (High Radial Force) available

    cell geometry




    ACCLINO® flex plus Brochure

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    If you would like further assistance with using the ACCLINO® flex plus, or need advice on how to order, please call us on: 0114 268 8880