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A self-expanding, braided nitinol stent for aneurysm neck bridging.

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    It’s about stent assisted coiling...

    ACCERO® is a highly visible self-expanding braided stent for use in stent assisted coiling procedures.

    The ACCERO® stent offers excellent flexibility for an easy and smooth delivery, reliable opening behaviour and perfect vessel wall apposition even in challenging anatomy.

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    • Highly visible for accurate placement
    • Conforms to tortuous anatomy
    • Easy to use
    • Predictable opening behaviour
    • Re-sheathable
    • Promotes faster endothelialisation for improved vessel healing
    • Supported by Ankyras sizing software

    "Promotes faster endothelialisation for improved vessel healing."

    Product Features:

    Product Features:

    • Support vessel diameters of 1.5 to 4.5mm
    • Enhanced radiopacity of the Platinum-Nitinol composite wire allow the visibility of the entire contour of the stent. Three additional Platinum markers at each end plus the middle marker allow an accurate placement.
    • ACCERO® Stent is a highly visible, braided self-expanding stent with BlueXide® surface technology
    • Excellent opening behaviour & vessel adaptability


    The Acandis® proprietary BlueXide® surface finishing
    aims to optimise haemocompatibility and facilitates stent delivery by:

    • Corrosion protective BlueXide® surface ensures an extremely low Nickel ion release.
    • High Oxygen & Nitrogen intensity of the protective Titanium Oxide/Oxynitride film reduces platelet adhesion & favours endothelialisation compared to native oxide & therefore results in improved vessel healing.
    • Smooth surface of Nitinol wires favours excellent opening behaviour & low delivery force.
    • SEM (scanning electron microscope) image of the surface

    Stent Assisted Coiling:

    Initial Deployment of ACCERO® 4.5 x 20mm

    ACCERO® fully deployed

    Final Angio




    opening behaviour

    BlueXide® surface optimises


    Accero Stent Brochure

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    If you would like further assistance with using our ACCERO® Stent, or need advice on how to order, please call us on: 0114 268 8880