Does marker clip sonographic visibility influence localisation preferences in patients following biopsy for suspicious microcalcification?

Microcalcifcation in breast tissue is a common finding during routine breast screening. On average approximately 2 out of 3 patients who are recalled for biopsy for an area of suspicious calcium have benign pathological findings, however 1 out of 3 patients will receive results which may require further intervention such as additional biopsy, vacuum assisted excision, or surgery*. The latter often requires the patient to undergo a localisation procedure prior to surgery to guide the surgeon to the non-palpable area. 

New localisation technologies have afforded clinical teams more freedom to schedule patients for localisation and relieve pressure on busy assessment clinics. Microcalcifications are typically sonographically occult and on occasion may have been completely removed by the initial biopsy, making the placement of a breast marker clip important. 

Breast marker clip sonographic visibility varies between suppliers. Poor ultrasound visibility can be exaggerated in deep lesions and dense breast tissue. As a result, many patients are required to undergo a localisation procedure using mammography equipment. There are numerous disadvantages to this approach for both the clinician and the patient, including comfort, additional exposure to radiation, procedure duration and risk of experiencing seed migration due to the “accordion effect”. 

HydroMARK™ Breast Biopsy Site Markers offer unmatched U/S visibility* and are one of the most widely used marker clips in the UK.

HydroMARK™ Breast Biopsy Site Marker Research Survey

We conducted a research survey, where 50 HydroMARK™Breast Biopsy Site Marker end users provided feedback to determine whether the ultrasound visibility of HydroMARK™ influences their localisation technique post biopsy of suspicious microcalifcation.

We asked clinicians who use HydroMARK™ Breast Biopsy Site Markers to give their insight in to numerous clinical scenarios, including situations around complete calcium removal following biopsy / excision, clip positioning, typical procedure time etc.

If you would like to know more, see the results of the survey or discuss this topic further, please get in touch with us.

HydroMARK™ Breast Biopsy Site Marker research survey
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